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If you already know where you want to go, feel free to click there now. Otherwise, we’ll go through a brief overview.

The logged-in dashboard screen of the app is shown, with the account’s summary, quick options, bank contact, and recent transactions.


With 世界赌博十大网站 Personal Banking, it’s easy to manage your accounts, make transfers, pay bills, and more from your device. You have the main menu located on the left and you can view the selected content on the right. By clicking on your name at the bottom of the menu you have the ability to sign out, configure your settings, or add an account.

The [navigation menu] button in the top left corner is selected, causing the main menu to slide in from the left side. This menu allows users to navigate to the various screens of the app.


The dashboard allows you to easily access your accounts, quick options, transactions: which shows the most recent activity of all your accounts, messages, payments: where you’ll see your bill pay activity, transfers, and your recent deposits. You can also customize your dashboard to view what’s important to you. If you’re unsure about how to do something such as setting up eStatements, try clicking on the lightbulb to check out our “How-To” demos. Click on a menu item, or the lightbulb to learn more.

The accounts, quick options, transactions, messages, transfers, payments, and recent deposits sections are highlighted on the dashboard screen.


Try clicking on a menu item or the lightbulb to learn more.

The dashboard screen is shown.


By clicking on Add an account, you can easily open an additional account. Click on Close in the top left to return to the dashboard.

Open an Account” page is shown.


Here you’ll find all of your 世界赌博十大网站 messages including balance and transaction alerts. You can filter your messages by clicking on the filter at the bottom of the screen. Try clicking on Accounts to learn how to set up a balance and transaction alert.

Messages screen is shown and the bottom filter is highlighted.


Viewing the details of your 世界赌博十大网站 accounts is easy. From the Accounts page, you can fully manage each account with functions such as View available Balance and recent Transactions, View Documents, such as Account Statements, Stop Payments, and manage Alert Preferences.

A preview of a [cash account] screen appears as the described options are highlighted on screen.


Click on the Checking account to learn more about those options.

Accounts screen is shown with available accounts listed.


You can view the account’s transactions as well as check your available balance, and select any of the quick links to manage your account. Try clicking on Alert preferences or Documents to learn more.

The [cash account] screen is shown where you can view recent transactions, account details, and access quick options. All account options are highlighted as they are mentioned.


Documents helps you manage your electronic statements and notifications for your account. You can click to view your electronic statements, choose to sign-up for electronic statements if you haven’t already, view or change your email settings for electronic notifications, or review account disclosures. Tap on Sign Up to learn how to enroll in eStatements.

Documents” button is pressed on the [cash account] screen. The Documents screen is shown with a menu at the top to switch between sub-pages. Currently, the eStatements/Notices sub-page is shown


Alerts help you stay up to date on what is happening with your account. You can add alerts to notify you of changes in your balance or when certain transactions occur. Try clicking on Add Alert for a demonstration. To return to your account, click on the Back arrow.

Alert preferences” button is pressed on the [cash account] screen. Alert preferences screen is shown with two options: add a balance alert or add a transaction alert.


Transfers allows you to move money between your own accounts by selecting Make a Transfer. You can also view your next scheduled transfers and preview them on a specific date on a calendar. Try clicking on Zelle to learn how to quickly send or receive money from people you know and trust.

Transfer screen is shown with scheduled transfers listed below.


You can deposit a check using your device as well as choose to enroll another account for this service. Click on Deposit a Check to see an example.

Deposit Checks screen is shown with options to deposit a check, view recent activity, or view enrolled accounts.


With 世界赌博十大网站 Personal Banking you can choose to pay a bill or send money to a person. You can also send money to a person instantly using Zelle. Try clicking on Zelle to learn more.

Payments screen is shown with the option to make a payment. Payees are also listed below.


You can use Zelle to quickly send or request money from people you know and trust by pressing either of the Send or Request buttons. You can also manage your Zelle profiles and recipients at any time. All of your recent payments and requests made using Zelle will be shown here. Try clicking on another menu item to learn more.

Zelle page is shown.


Budgeting Tools allows you to monitor and manage your money with features such as spending trends, setting budgets, managing cashflow, tracking net worth, viewing the most recent activity of your accounts including all types of transactions, and setting goals. Click Close on the top left to return to the Dashboard.

Budgeting Tools screen is shown


世界赌博十大网站 offers support through both our call center and email messaging. Feel free to contact us whichever way is most convenient for you.

Support screen is shown with contact options.


Within settings, you can edit your profile, review or update your security settings, edit your account settings, add a new account, and remove your profile from the app. Click on Security to learn more about resetting your password and managing 2 Step Verification.

[Settings] button is pressed and the Settings screen is shown as all the available options described are highlighted.


If you already have 2-Step Verification enabled and want to reset your information, you can click on your profile from the menu and then go to your settings. From there, click on Security. This is where you’ll be able to manage your 2-Step Verification options by clicking 2-Step Verification.

Visual walkthrough of how to find 2-Step Verification settings.


You can easily add and remove verification systems such as Authy, a new device via calls or text messages, or an alternate authenticator app. Try clicking on Remove to see how 2-Step is set up for the first time or click on Set up to see how to add a new device.

2-Step Verification” is pressed within settings and the 2-Step screen is shown with available options highlighted.


Adding a new device is as simple as typing out the phone number you’d like to use and then choosing how you would like to receive verification codes. In this case, we’ll select text message. After that, type in the verification code that was sent to that device to confirm. After that you’re all set!

Voice or Text Message” is selected within the 2-Step screen and a walkthrough of how to add a device is shown.


2-Step Verification is set up upon signing in to 世界赌博十大网站 Personal Banking for the first time. You’ll be asked to choose a verification method. For now, we’ll select a phone number. You’ll then need to enter the desired phone number and select your preferences for how we can deliver the 2-Step Verification codes to you. You can opt in to receive it as a text message or a phone call. Once you’ve selected an option, we will send you a code for you to verify your information. After that you’re all set!

Visual walkthrough of how to enable/reset 2-Step Verification.


Customizing your profile can be done from the Settings page. You can get there by clicking on your profile and selecting Settings. Once here, click on your name at the top and you’ll be able to customize your profile picture, modify your preferred name, as well as change your address, email, and phone number.

Visual walkthrough of how to modify your profile through Settings.


To deposit a check remotely, you’ll first want to head into the menu and select Deposit checks. Click Deposit a check to see an example.

Visual walkthrough of how to find where to deposit a check.


When depositing a check, you’ll first need to enter the amount. If you have any questions about your limits, you can contact us using any of the methods featured on the Support page. After clicking continue, you can select which account you would like to deposit the money into. Now, simply take a picture of both the front and back of the check. Please make sure you have endorsed your check and include the phrase ‘For Mobile Deposit Only’ on the back before taking the picture. Once everything is complete, you’ll see a summary screen which includes the amount of the check, the account to which the money will be deposited, and the pictures of the front and back.

[Deposit a check] button is pressed and a demonstration of how to deposit a check is performed.


All that’s left to do is click Submit and your check will go into processing. Funds will generally be made available to you by the next business day. Holds may apply.

The [submit] button is pressed and a confirmation screen appears with an [ok] button that returns to the deposit checks screen.


If you’ve forgotten your password or can’t seem to login with your credentials, you can easily reset your password through the app. From the sign in page, click on Forgot. From here, you’ll need to type in your username and email. Once that’s been provided, you’ll receive a 2-Step Verification code that must be entered in order to continue. After that, you are ready to create a new password for your account. We recommend making it a unique password that you don’t use anywhere else. Be sure to keep your password secure and saved somewhere safe so you won’t forget. Once your password is changed, you’ll then need to create a passcode for this device before you are automatically signed in to 世界赌博十大网站 Personal Banking.

Visual walkthrough of how to reset your password from the sign in page of the app.


To set up eStatements, you’ll first want to navigate to the Accounts page. From here, you can click on any deposit account. Once you’re in an account page, click on Documents, and then Sign Up/Changes. From here, all you need to do is click on the box to automatically enroll all available accounts! You can also unenroll individual accounts by toggling the check marks next to each account. You need to click Save Settings to confirm the selection. After enrolling, you will need to review and agree to the eStatements Disclosure and Agreement. If you have questions regarding the disclosure agreement please contact 世界赌博十大网站. You can click Support to find our phone number or send your question via email. If you do not agree, you will not be enrolled in electronic statements and notifications. You can always go back to read the eStatements disclosure and agreement by clicking on Disclosures on the menu shown at the top.

Visual walkthrough of how to set up eStatements through the Accounts page.


To set up an Alert, navigate to the account in which you want to set up alerts for by going into Accounts and clicking on the preferred account. Once there, you can click on Alert preferences and choose to add either a Balance alert or a Transaction alert. Try clicking on the Add Alert button for a demonstration.

Visual walkthrough of how to begin setting up an alert through the Accounts page.


This alert will notify you when your balance is Above or Below the amount you select. You can choose if you want to receive the notification via text message, email, or with an in-app message. Then, simply select Add alert, and you are done!

The [add alert] button is pressed under the “Balance alerts” header. A balance alert is then set up on the Alert preferences page.


You can modify or delete this alert by clicking on the Edit button. If you want to delete the alert, click on Remove, like this. To return to your account, click on the Back arrow.

Alert preferences screen is shown with the newly created alert displayed under “Balance alerts”. The [edit] button is pressed and options are shown for configuring the alert. The top right [remove] button is then pressed.


You can find card management options by first going into Accounts, and then selecting the account you’d like to manage. From there, select Card Management. Here you’ll be able to see and manage all of your active cards with features such as locking your card, setting alerts, reporting a lost or stolen card, and reordering your card. To return to your account, click Back on the top left.

Visual walkthrough of how to get to the Card Management page.

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